Svendborg isn't called the islands' capital and Denmark's smallest metropolis for nothing.

Svendborg has preserved its old town with narrow streets, squares and farms, and when weather permits, the harbor is full of life. Take a walk along the water and enjoy the many big sailing ships and majestic wooden ships, or take one of the many ferries to the small islands.

In Svendborg there are many restaurants and cafes, both in pleasant courtyards and along the waterfront. Find some of the many eateries here

If you like shopping, Svendborg is not named as Denmark's friendliest Shoppingtown for nothing - it is known as the city with the many specialty stores. Svendborg is both a thoughtful and very hospitable city and so are the many exciting stores.

In Svendborg there are countless small workshops with unique handicrafts, in the city center and at the coast there are opportunites to visit some very beautiful galleries. Read more here

The southern Funen nature is close to both water, and forest. Here you can walk on part of the beautiful 220 km long Archipelago trail, starting in Faaborg and ending in Lundeborg. Take the trip from Svedborg to Troense (find the map here) and visit one of the area's beautiful attractions - namely Valdemars Castle.

In Svendborg there are two exciting attractions - namely the Welfare Museum - Svendborg Museum, which is located in the city, in the old Poorhouse and not far away, the modern Natural History Museum: Naturama.

In addition to the many sights in the city, it is possible to experience the following:

Boat trip with M / S Helge.
The veteran ferry M / S Helge sails a unique trip in Svendborgsund. The timetable is available here

​Gorilla Park
2.7 km of obstacle courses with over 100 climbing elements in the tree tops with 1-20 meters altitude. Everybody over the age of 4, has the opportunity to climb in the trees on the different challenging courses. Order and read more here

Few places can measure with the South Funen Archipelago, which with all its islands and sheltered coves, is a truly unique water for kayakers. Rent a kayak and sail in the South Funen archipelago.

All events for 2018 in Svendborg will soon be available on Eventkalenderen.

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