Bike Island Fyn

Fyn and its Archipelagio is one of the best cycling destinations in Europe –  and there's a lot of reasons why!

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In the heart of Denmark lies Fyn – a large, green and cycle-friendly island that is just waiting to be explored.

With their 1,200 km of signposted cycle routes, Fyn and the Archipelago give cyclists of all ages the chance to explore widely varied cycling terrain: everything from flat stretches close to the coastline, to hilly roads winding their way between fields and areas of woodland and through idyllic villages and market towns. A cycling holiday on Fyn also provides a peerless opportunity for you to take your bike “island hopping” and discover the special way of life on the numerous small islands scattered around Fyn, or explore the delights of the bike-friendly city of Odense, which features both centuries of history and modern metropolitan life with a strongly beating pulse

Fyn has the best cycling terrain for families with children

With short distances between beaches, stretches of countryside, towns and all kinds of sights and attractions, Fyn is perfect for young cyclists who can only ride for a short while at a time. You are never far from an entertaining playground or a child-friendly beach, and the routes are all signposted and generally lightly trafficked. This makes it simple to plan and ride routes on Fyn and the islands.

Explore Fyn and the Archipelago with a friend

A cycle tour is the best way to get really close to the countryside, your inner self and your cycling partner. Breathe in the scent of the ripe corn in the field as you cycle past at your own pace. Take a break whenever you want, settle down by the road and enjoy the freshly picked strawberries you bought at a roadside stall a few miles back. Check in at an accommodating hotel when you have reached your goal for the day, rest your tired muscles and treat yourself to Danish cuisine prepared from fresh, seasonal ingredient