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Want to be part of the future training?

During this year's World Championship in Triathlon Multisport, you will get a unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge in an exciting and innovative framework when the Sports Innovation Lab focuses on innovation under the heading “Train Smarter”. It's free to participate.

The side event will open the doors for enriching presentations by researchers and former top athletes such as Rasmus Henning, followed by many exciting companies who, through presentations and workshops, will talk about training optimization and improvements of sporting events.

The presentations and workshops will invite to test experimental, dialogue and feedback between companies and participants. The focus will be the athletes, where the future’s training will be discussed. The topics will be many and range from new heart rate measurement to training planning - or even rehabilitation and captivating fan experiences.

"We have the desire to create a good framework for knowledge sharing and innovation during this year's World Championship. We do this by putting the athlete in the center when we open the doors for the "Train Smarter" side event. Besides the fact that athletes can share knowledge across 50 nations, more universities and companies are invited to contribute to the "Train Smarter" side event, where athletes through dialogue and feedback with companies can be introduced to new knowledge in training and equipment, " - says Morten Fenger, Director of the Danish Triathlon Federation.

The Sports Innovation Lab is financial supported by Industriens Fond.

When and where? Click here for full program

King's Garden (Odense)

Wednesday July 11th: 10.00 – 14.00

Thursday July 12th: 13.00 – 17.00

Price: Free

More information will come soon.

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Participating companies

Me-Mover Fit

The Me-Mover FIT is a step-machine/elliptical on wheels made for intense full-body exercise. The Me-Mover's ergonomic and low impact design may be able to help you get on the road to recovery.  With the Me-Mover you get more exercise in less time.



Athleed is a peer-to-peer platform that strengthens the relationship between triathletes and coaches by utilizing artificial intelligence. We combine training programs, communication, and analysis into a single platform, providing transparency for triathletes on their progress to reassure them that they can achieve their goals, while equipping coaches with management and supportive tools that will allow them to deliver superior value for their triathletes.


We think differently. We decided to take a new approach and base our product development on crowdsourced data from our users and introduced the world’s first subscription-based power meters. We started our Kickstarter campaign to make an open and super diverse test team for power meter testing.

But we don’t stop there. We still want testers of all types, riding all types of bikes, on all types of terrain, to join the growing test team for power meter technology.

Join TRAIN SMARTER and learn about how TeamZWATT can optimize your training.



DaySync is the new combined hardware and software solution that facilitates a perfect sleep-wake-cycle synchronized to your day.
The DaySync algorithm calculates your optimal circadian rhythm based on your travel schedule, daily fixed routines and important sporting events. Based on the optimal circadian rhythm, DaySync informs you of when you should sleep, eat, exercise and most importantly, be exposed to light.

Use DaySync, when you want to be in control of your day and your training.


StepUP Air

We can now reveal another company, which is participating in the innovative side event TRAIN SMARTER:
StepUp Air is a heart rate monitor, which also measures the breath. Respiration is the fastest response to how the body responds to the performance. Therefore, it becomes possible to know exactly when you are in the different training zones, that is, when you train aerobically or anaerobically. This knowledge is also a prerequisite for organizing optimal training where the physical limits are challenged and improved and where the injuries are prevented.

Join TRAIN SMARTER and become more aware of how StepUp Air can help you and your workouts!


Thorax Trainer

ThoraxTrainer will improve your performance level in all three disciplines due to a very high impact on your core muscles, endurance and cardio vascular capacity. 
It is used by many age groupers and some of the best triathletes in the world such as Nicola Spirig, Patrik Nilsson, Martin Jensen and Andreas Raelert. 
It will save you a lot of time in your training schedule to imply ThoraxTrainer, and you will still, as proven in several projects, improve!



Xsided offers captivating entertainment for fans at sports matches and events through simple games and competitions on mobile and big screen. We offer attractive exposure and activation for the sponsors. It's free to play and the fans play with against each other. At the side event, we want to show and tell about the possibilities when using the Xsided entertainment platform.

Come join TRAIN SMARTER and experience the effects of creating a cheerful atmosphere and the effects of raising sponsor awareness. 



With MobileFit you get a harmonious whole-body work out, but especially the muscles and ligaments around the spine, shoulders and knees are strengthened by MobileFit training.

Come join TRAIN SMARTER and experience what MobileFit can do for you!



TracTrac make hard-to-follow sports engaging with real time GPS tracking of every athlete. We give visibility to the sport, engage the spectator and drive fan base and sponsor value by revealing and visualizing the key moments of hard-to-follow-sports in real time. Our service includes full-blown race viewers and performance and race analytics for mobile platforms, web, big-screen and TV-graphics production and speaker support.

Join TRAIN SMARTER and hear more about the functions of TracTrac


Sportfriends gives you a unique platform tailor made for sports clubs based on 20 years of experience. We collect all the tasks in one place to make your work easier, more efficient and more profitable.
Sportfriends wishes to make a difference for sports clubs and eventually revolutionize the way we practice sports. With Sportfriends, the trouble with many different websites avoids handling your club's activities. Sportfriends collects everything on one platform, saving you time and effort while always having a great overview.



DOT is a fast and tactical team sport which can be played by anyone with a smartphone. You play in 3 teams on a DOT playing field. Choose between different game modes, select duration and invite friends to your game. Practice against virtual AI players. Improve individual skills and team tactics to beat your opponents. DOT is a high intensity team sport in its own right but is easily used as a training tool to strengthen your teamwork in other sports or improve your fitness in a fun way.