Want to promote your brand for thousands of swimmers, cyclists, runners and triathletes? Then be a part of the Expo at Fynske Bank Multisport World Championships Festival.

From July 6th – July 14th Fyn is the host of five Multisport World Championships with athletes joining from all over the world. Through July 5th – July 8th and July 12th – July 14th you have the opportunity to promote and sell your products and services on the Expo.

The Expo is centrally located in the venue center, King's Garden in Odense. King's Garden will also have registration, pick up, finish line(s), VIP area, medal ceremonies and much more. As an exhibitor on the Expo you're guaranteed a spot right in the center of attention.

Become an exhibitor at Fynske Bank Multisport World Championships Festival

Why should you join the Fynske Bank Multisport World Championships Festival Expo?

  • It's an unique chance to meet potential and current customers face-to-face
  • Direct access to thousands of targeted customers with high buying power
  • A great way to maintain and expand your professional network
  • The perfect venue to present new sports related products and services
  • You will feel the pulse of the market – "What's hot and what's not?"


The Expo will be greatly exposed to the target audience. A race magazine will be made with great possibilities  for advertising at a great price. The Multisport Festival in overall will be promoted massively in relevant media. The Expo will also be showcased on Multisport Festival´s social media channels.

It will also be possible to get special Expo offers on the Facebook Page. Company logo will be on the Fyn2018.com website with link to your own website.

For any questions please contact info@marslund.com

Expo opening hours:

Thursday, July 5th 11.00 – 19.00
Friday, July 6th 11.00 – 21.00
Saturday, July 7th  11.00 – 17.00
Sunday, July 8th 11.00 – 17.00
Thursday, July 12th 11.00 – 17.00
Friday, July 13th 11.00 – 17.00
Saturday, July 14th 11.00 – 21.00


Prices in DKK (All prices are excluding VAT)

Small table and a roll-up 2.500 DKK
9 m2 exhibition stand including tent 4.950 DKK
12 m2 exhibition stand including tent 6.600 DKK
15 m2 exhibition stand including tent 8.250 DKK
18 m2 exhibition stand including tent 9.900 DKK


Everything above 24 m2 is negotiated individually.


It is also possible to get promotion flyers in the athletes pick-up bags. 

Price per flyer in DKK (All prices are excluding VAT)

A4 – 210mm X 297mm 1,00 DKK
A5 – 148mm X 210mm 0,75 DKK
A6 – 105mm X 148mm 0,50 DKK


The price covers distribution in the pick-up bags. The exhibitioner must deliver the printed flyers and cover the expenses of these.

Terms and conditions

25% of the total cost must be paid within 10 days of receiving the contract. The remaining amount must be paid in full no later than June 15, 2018.

It is not allowed to place banners or otherwise promote your products anywhere else but at your exhibition stand. For alternative promotion please contact info@marslund.com

The area will be guarded at night so tents can stay over night. It is not advised to leave any loose materials or equipment on your exhibition stand. Fynske Bank Multisport World Championships Festival and its partners are not liable for loss of or damage to equipment, merchandise and/or tents.

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