The World Championships are Fyn's window to the world


The World Championships are Fyn's window to the world

In the summer of 2018, the biggest international sport event on Fyn will take place and the whole triathlon world will be looking at us.
From 6th to 14th of July 2018, Fyn provides the water, roads and wind to the 5 x Triathlon World Championships, and it requires cooperation, ownership and good hospitality throughout Fyn - otherwise we miss an obvious opportunity to show the best of Fyn to ourselves, the rest of Denmark, and the rest of the world.

Today, events are a professional and competitive businesses with an international sporting event at the extreme end.

Thus, events have become an important part of the economy and rely on employment, education, tourism and pride.
Tinderbox, Heartland, H.C. Andersen Festivals, Yonex Denmark Open and DGI Landstævne 2021 in Svendborg show that Fyn has entered the competition for attention, strenghtening the economy and our identity through events.

Sport Event Fyn, Sport Event Denmark and the Danish Triathlon Federation join forces with the Fyn Triathlon clubs to write a new chapter in Danish event history - and the ambitions are high.

We want a world class event that sets new standards for triathlon events. World Championship, or Multisport World Championships - as it is rightly called, consists of a total of five world championships held in Svendborg, Middelfart and Odense.
It will all be packed into a Triathlon Festival, which is about much more than medals. Both children, families, young people and the elderly are given the opportunity to try the sport in ways where everyone can join.
Children on a race bike or retirees with walking canes - there will be room for everyone. In addition, there are a lot of activities in collaboration with some of the city's leading events.

SPIS! Odense, H.C. Andersen Festivals, Tinderbox, Havnekulturfestival and OFF Odense Film Festival are among the collaborators who are already involved, but there are more opportunities, so we ensure a broad Funen partnership.
The World Chmpionships are expected to attract thousands of international athletes and generate up to 15,000 overnight stays distributed throughout Fyn. In addition, all Danes can meet participants at both elite and exercise levels.
Finally - and not least - we hope that many thousands of spectators from Fyn will set up along the routes to cheer and participate in the festival's many offerings.

With a joint effort and local ownership, we can make the World Championships something extraordinary - for our visitors and for ourselves. Large events leave prints - even when the last light is off.
Therefore, let's think big and get all the fun in the competitions. This applies to businesses, education and cultural institutions, yes, all of us on Fyn.

Let's decorate the shop windows and set the coffee table with the brunsviger (traditional cake from Fyn) to the road where the triathletes cycle by.
Let's put triathlon on the school schedules and participate in a trainings.
Let's give a high five to the many visitors.
Let's be the best version of ourselves and show the rest of the world what we stand for on Fyn.