Open Race Registration is now open


Open Race Registration is now open

It is now possible for everyone to experience the world championships atmosphere and register for the Fyn 2018 ITU Multisport World Championships Festival. Recently, the patron of the event, His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Denmark tested the course for cross triathlon and recommended everyone keen on a great experience of sports, nature and festival to join the event. 

In July 2018, the Fyn 2018 ITU Multisport World Championships Festival takes place on the island of Fyn, Denmark. The Danish Triathlon Federation, Sport Event Denmark, Sport Event Fyn and the municipalities of Odense, Svendborg and Middelfart join forces and host the major international multisport festival consisting of five world championships within the course of nine days. The five world championships include the disciplines Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, Aquathlon, Aquabike and Triathlon.

“A World Championship is of course the largest event one can host. And then in five disciplines. We are very proud of that. And we are especially proud of the fact that Open Race allows everyone who practices triathlon or any of the other disciplines, the opportunity to become a part of the vast multisport festival and experience an authentic world championship atmosphere,” says President of the Danish Triathlon Federation, Mads Freund and adds:

“It is a huge responsibility to host such an event, but we have received incredible support from Sport Event Denmark and Sport Event Fyn, who have done their best to make it happen. It is a collective effort that has been performed by the best mainstay in Denmark”.

The world championships festival is an event that provides the athletes with the perfect setting to unfold the desire to be the best possible version of themselves. Whether you are a recreational or an elite athlete, the world championships are a unique opportunity to experience the beautiful Danish island of Fyn, and as an Open Race athlete, you have the chance to try a world championship course and test yourself against the best athletes in the world.   

 The Crown Prince tested the cross course

Together with the opening of Open Race registration, the partners behind Multisport Festival 2018 are pleased to announce that HRH The Crown Prince will be the patron of the festival. In relation to the The Crown Prince’s patronage, the event partners recently invited The Crown Prince to test the Cross Triathlon route, which is located in Svendborg on the southern part of the island of Fyn.

Afterwards The Crown Prince said:

“It is a marvelous area that Svendborg is located in - both hilly and bumpy. This mountainbike track, which is more or less, a single track, is a technical track, but it is also a fast track in many ways, so you have got both sides. Since I am a triathlete myself, and since I think it is great that a world championship is actually coming to Denmark, it felt very natural for me to become a patron for this ITU event on the island of Fyn.”

The Crown Prince covered the challenging track through the landscape in the south of Fyn, accompanied by several other event ambassadors of the 2018 Fyn Multisport World Championships Festival, among others, the great Danish triathlete Michelle Vesterby.

Mayor of Svendborg, Lars Erik Hornemann, is pleased by The Crown Prince’s involvement in the Triathlon Festival.

“We are proud that Svendborg is able to offer such a beautiful and challenging terrain. The Crown Prince has tested the route. I know that unique experiences await the participants of the Multisport Festival 2018 in Svendborg, Middelfart and Odense where additional courses run” he says.

CEO of Sport Event Denmark, Lars Lundov adds:

“It is a great honor and terrific for this large triathlon event that the Crown Prince has accepted the patronage. The Crown Prince himself has tried his strength in triathlon and he is a great patron for sports on all levels, both nationally and internationally.”

How to participate:

Age-groupers, Elite, U23, Junior and Paratriathletes must be registered by their national federations via the ITU online registration system. Everyone else can simply register for the Open Race competitions at this link:

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