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Running in Odense

We know it can feel complicatedwhen you reach a new city and destination to find ideal running routes. If you wish to complete your running training during your stay in Odense you have many options to chose from, both  pre-race specific preparations and also post race for you and  your companions, to enjoy running in some nice areas in the city. 
You can chose to find some nice Outdoor Runnng Options and experience part of the LD triathlon run course, or head out to experience the unique Athletics Exploratorium for some fun and specific Athletic track Running

Outdoor Running options

Odense River South West route (part of LD Triathlon course)
You can chose to take a running route on the tracks alongside Odense Ø heading South West and take the chance to also run on part of the LD Triathlon run course and get familiar with the area. 
This map is a suggested 2km loop so you can easily find your way and start from any different spot along the river. If you chose to run and explore much longer you can easily continue to run South alongside the river and turn back the same way, otherrwise you can follow the route turning left above the bridge and then explore some of the other alternative trails, or even combine it with the "Odense West"route described below. 
For a full overview and running of the LD Triathlon run course click HERE

Odense River West route
You can chose to start this route by Sct. Knuds Church or from any other part of the city alongside Odense Ø (even combined with SW route above). This route will take you alongside the river, with a short asphalt section along the bride Brogade and on Nedergade. Once you reach turn point at Sankt Jørgens Park you can choose to follow the route and run back or even continue longer alongside the river for a longer run with less loops. 

Odense North - Stige Ø route
This is a suggestion to an alternative route for quiet running training on the outskirts of Odense. Follow the route and head out to the beautiful nature area of Stige Ø.
You may run from your location in Odense or take the car and park at the finish point or the starting point (at the crossing of Tromsøgade and Havnegade) on the course map
The area nearby Odense Harbor and Havnegade is also part of the bike routes for LD Triathlon and Duathlons

Alternative tracks...Already from when you reach the "YatchKlub", and especially when you reach the end of the road (finish point on the map), you can choose to continue and explore the many off road tracks around the area, or simply turn around and run back on the quiet asphalt road to complete your desired running plan, without having to worry for the many traffic light stops or finding out where to turn.
(Note that the 5.5km route is only for one way)

Athletic Track Running

During the Multisport Festival you will have the opportunity to use and experience Odense University Athletics Track 
Available: 5-13th of July

Opening hours: 08.00-11.00am and 15.00-18.00pm

Access: Free access – We ask you to use the field during the recommended hours. Please note that the Track and Field is a public area.

Parking: Parking area with parking rules  

Track and field specifications:
The track has hills, a figure-eight shape, built-in track LED lights at 10-metre intervals to gauge an athlete’s progress against his or her goal time, and a banked track in the middle, this facility is one-of-a-kind. There is even a beach and barbecue area within the confines of the track, known as the “Athletics Exploratorium” in Odense.

How to get there:
The Running track is located at Syddansk Universitetet, about 6km from the central race venue in Kongens Have, where you can go either by bike or by bus (bus lines 41 and 44 are direct)

Please note: If you plan to combine swim training with your visit to the track at Odense University, the swimming pool will be closed due to renovations the weeks during the Multisport Festival and will not be available

Running in Middelfart

Middelfart Nature Park route
Take the chance to run and explore the beatuiful Nature Park surroundings of Middelfart. The suggested route will make a loop around the Nature Park but you have the chance to make many variations, crossing throgh the middle and get really close to natura and animals at the park, or even chose to take alternative small roads and trails in the area. The surroundings are extremely beautifull and worth the experience

Middelfart Marina route
Get familiar with the area and surroundings of the Aquathlon World Championship venue with a running loop around the area. Start and Finish just by the finish area of the race and enjoy the nice coastline track and the sound of hte sea.