Cross Triathlon

Cross triathletes will experience a scenic ride in Svendborg – also known as "The Capital of the Archipelago". The athletes will start in the waters of the lovely Svendborg Habour where the spectators have excellent opportunitites to watch the athletes closely.

The athletes will exit the water at Jessens Mole and get on their mountainbikes and head for the MTB course in Hallindskoven. Here the athletes will face a number of various challenges and terrain including mud, stones, gravel, jumps, short steep climbs, downhill and 180 degree turns before returning to Jessens Mole and commence the run.

The run will include mixed terrains including forrest paths, gravel, sand, stone, asphalt and challenging up- and downhill sections before crossing the finish line at Svendborg Harbour.

Note: Due to the protection of the MTB-tracks and to ensure the best and safest conditions for the MTB-tracks, the exact course map for the bike section of the Cross Triathlon is not released until close to the event.

On the interactive maps below you can get a closer look on the courses and see what awaits you at the world championships on Fyn in July. More detailed graphic maps with a full overview of all course details will be provided later.

Technical descriptions, exact distances, loops and courses for each category (Elite, U23, Junior, Para, Age Group and Open Race) is listed below.

Please note: The courses are subject to change.

Technical Information

Swim Course

Elite + U23 + Age Group + Open Race: 1km / 1 lap

The start area will be at Svendborg Harbour. Athletes will have a water start in the harbour and swim around a 1km, 1 loop course to exit the water at the other side of the Harbour and head out towards T1 which will be located very close to the swim exit and have no technical difficulties. The water conditions are expected to be calm and of adequate quality.Water temperature is expected to be between 17-22 degrees celcius. Only in case of heavy rain and water overflow the swim course could be modified or cancelled.

Junior & Para: 500m / 1 lap

The swim course will be similar but 500m shorter with a much sooner turn point.

Download high resolution map HERE

Bike Course

Elite + U23 + Age Group + Open Race: 27km / 2 laps
The bike course will be 2 laps and completing a distance of 27km. The start and finish will be at the same location (T1 and T2) located at Jessens Mole, just across Svendborg Harbour. The first and last 2km of the course each will be on asphalt  (one lane closed from traffic) leading up to the off road areas. Each lap will have a mix of easier forrest parts and dirt paths, but also a Blue and Red technical section of approx 5km each in length. Athletes will experience all sort of terrain and challenges: Mud, rocks, jumps, short steep climbs, short downhills, about 10 x 150-180 degree turns, speed areas and overtake zones every 1-2km. There will be a total of approximately 188m of ascending/descending distance per lap and a maximum height of 55m above sea level.

There will be 1 fill station and 1 repairing zone per lap.

Junior + Para: 14.3km / 1 lap
Same as above but only 1 loop of the course.

Bike Course Profile Map

Run Course

Elite + U23 + Age Group + Open Race: 10km / 2 laps

The run couse will be a mix of all types of terrain with some short climbs and descents in the forrest. Athletes should expect to encounter some technical forrest sections, dirt tracks, a beach section with sand, stones and gravel and also some asphalt sections. Athletes can expect about 50m of ascending/descending distance per lap. 
Start will be at same T1-T2 location and the finish line section will be straigth and clear located at Svendborg Harbour. There will be 2 aid stations on each lap.

Junior + Para: 5km / 1 lap

Same as above but only 1 loop of the course.

Download high resolution map HERE