Pasta Party

Pasta Parties will be held at Storms Pakhus. Storms Pakhus is a street food mall with a unique, urban feel atmosphere only 5 minutes walk from central venue crossing the beautiful Byens Bro (City’s Bridge).

Pasta Party #1
05.07.2018 @ 19:00 — 22:00

Duathlon Standard
Duathlon Sprint
Cross Triathlon

Pasta Party #2
11.07.2018 @ 19:00 — 22:00

Long Distance Triathlon

All athletes will be given 1 Food Voucher and 1 Drink Voucher. The Drink Voucher can be exchanged for a soft drink, beer or non-alcoholic beer at the designated MultiSports Drinks outlet located in the yard outside the main entrance of Storms Pakhus. The Food Voucher can be exchanged for one of the special MultiSport Meals offered by a selection of the stalls. Stalls that offer a MultiSport Meal will be flying a Multisport flag above the stall. Should a stall sell out, the flag will be taken down and you can choose from one of the other stalls flying the flag. The Food Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. Nor can it be used as payment (partly or in full) for other dishes from the menus. 

The Multisport Meal is only available with a Food Voucher and only available on the Pasta Party nights. Should you be tempted by one of the other selections from the menus, you are of course more than welcome to get one of these at your own expense. Storms Pakhus will be open to the public during the Pasta Parties — so all friends and families are more the welcome to join. Please note the Storms Pakhus applies a cashless system for the stalls, so make sure to bring your credit card — or change your Danish cash into a special paying card before entering.


Vouchers will be distributed as follows

Standard Duathlon
Distributed in race bags
Sprint Duathlon
Cross Triathlon
To be collected at the INFO booth at
registration/central venue (Kings Garden)
July 4th from 12:00 — 16:00
July 5th from 12:00 until 15:30 or at Storms
Pakhus from 19:00 (after the opening ceremony)
Long Distance + Aquabike

To be collected at INFO booth at
registration/central venue (Kings Garden)
July 4th — 10th in the opening hours of the registration. 
July 11th from 12:00 until 17:30 or at Storms
Pakhus from 19:00 (after parade of nations)

All voucher pickup needs to be done in person and valid personal ID must be presented. We
recommend that you pick up the Pasta Party vouchers at the info booth in Kings Garden. If you
choose to pick up the vouchers at the Pasta Party venue, you must expect extra waiting time.